Zazoo #8 – Ask For The Stars and You Will Have Them, Part 2

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The Science of Intentional Creation by Zazoo.

There’s only one thing to say- the law of self says you must claim who and what you are. Then law of attraction will respond to that. So, don’t walk into a room apologizing.” Starts Zazoo-

Kristopher: One struggle a lot of people have is that they believe that we shouldn’t be so egotistic.

Zazoo: There’s a lie there.

Kristopher: Is there a difference between an authentic and inauthentic person?

Zazoo: If you have that belief that being focused on yourself is egotistical, be smart about it. Go research it a bit. Some of the most benevolent – not necessarily the most influential or powerful- but the most benevolent (and they can be quite powerful too) in your Experiential Life System are very generous. They do a lot of wonderful things for others, for your world, and they are having to abide by the law of self. They are all about themselves first.
I’ve explained this as putting the oxygen mask on yourself first on an airplane. Be selfish if that’s what you want to call it. Take care of yourself first. My friend here has 8 homes, which we spoke of, and he wants a 9th. You know what he does with 7 of them? He provides a good home for people. He’s benevolent. My point is, he’s taking care of himself first but providing homes.
I don’t care if you call that being selfish, take care of yourself first. You need to look at whether you feel good about yourself. If you are selfish and benevolent, you’re fantastic. Tell the universe who you are.

If you don’t have the confidence I have to tell the universe who you are, then build yourself up. Start by looking in the mirror and speak it louder and louder every day. This is what you are here for, to build yourself up.

We see people with false arrogance all of the time – the things is, they negate it with their own energy. They say they are great, but they negate it. My friends, check yourself. It isn’t just your ability to say something, because you can all read and speak, but it is the energy underneath it. You can lie and fool others, and you think that if you fool others you fool the universe, but don’t. You truly mask energy with language, but it doesn’t change the energy that you are using and that the universe is responding to.
The universe is you. You know want you are and what you are saying.

So, you want to stop and say who you are. You can change this every moment if you like. When you say what you say you are, my friend, you want to look at the energy of it. Do you believe yourself? And is that what you are experiencing?

Kristopher: What about those who hide under success or money? They have these so they think all is well.

Zazoo: It is the wise person who sees beyond success, money; who sees deeper into how they truly want to be and experience their lives. My friends are wise and they don’t fool themselves. They know they want to improve their lives.

Kristopher: What would you suggest for people who have a sense of who they are but reality doesn’t reflect this?

Zazoo: In intent, when you know you are more than you are experiencing, you need to shift this. I always say, be intentional. I say, meditate. Look at who you are.

Look at the energy language you are truly speaking about what you want to experience differently. When you are lacking in intent in your energy language, law of attraction responds to this.
Instead be intentful and say what you are. Keep talking about what you are because it increases your intent.

Find who you are in what you desire. Never lose your intention and you will build yourself up; you will change what you are energetically telling the universe you are and you will change what law of attraction brings you.

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