Zazoo #8 – Ask For The Stars and You Will Have Them, Part 1

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The Science of Intentional Creation by Zazoo.

So many of my friends are great cosmic beings, just in a little space – your body. But it’s not your body that makes you feel little, that limits you. It is your great misperception that you are little; that you can’t ask for the world, the sky. How do you (people) think you ever got to the moon?

It’s like the best kept secret: Let’s make sure that most don’t ask for anything. Just a few of us will reach for the stars.

My friend, Ms Kalyn, asked ‘have you ever heard anyone say, before Zazoo, according to the universe, you are what you say you are.’? She asked this because she realized that no one tells you this secret.

So many of my friends are apologetic in their presence, in their being- before walking into a room. Can you imagine what you are saying that you are? Can you imagine what you are attracting?

Here we are in this episode of The Science of Intentional Creation. You call it creating, I call it experiencing because you don’t conjure recipes up in a kitchen to create. You experience. You do this by choosing what you experience. How do you tell the universe what you want to experience? How do you be intentful about experiencing what you what to experience?

You tell the universe, you tell yourself. No friend of mine can come, apologizing, and expect to have anything given to them.
So today I want to talk to you about asking for the stars, I like that, asking for the stars.

Step 1 is asking, saying that you are going to have the stars, that you are reaching for them.

Step 2 Reach for the stars. This is then challenging how you see yourself if you have been a victim to the great secret.

If you believe you have to apologize, you aren’t even letting yourself imagine what you desire. It is who you are, what you are meant to be and experience, and yet it is that apologetic self that has denied it, that has already diminished what you are, your own intentionality before you’ve walked in the room.

For example, my friend here wants a new house. He has 8, but that’s not enough. He wants a new house. Watch that first thought this brings up in you. Do you say, ‘he has 8, that should be plenty?’


Why would you diminish yourself by thinking that about my friend? Because by thinking that about my friend you are diminishing yourself. If you are putting any thoughts to anything that is not grandiose, you are diminishing, limiting, pulling the reigns back. It is a bit heart-breaking to see from where I watch – and we don’t have such a thing as heart-break in my world of energy- as we watch the Experiential Life System. As we do, we tap into some of the things like feelings, even if you are not acknowledging it yourself, and we get a light sense of your heart-break.

You are now a part of this great secret, this great secret society. One in which everything is at your fingertips. Intentionality means you put “I” in everything you do.

You put yourself in everything you do, and that is The Science of Intentional Experimentation.

Don’t believe that you have to moderate and ask for only a little so there is enough for everyone. Limitations are illusionary. Do you see endless sky, an endless ocean? Do you think you end somewhere? If you think so, you are still limiting yourself, you are falling victim to the secret still.

My friends then say, how Zazoo? How do I break out of this?
I know, my friend, you have forgotten that you have agreed to this great secret; you have forgotten that you are a great cosmic being.
So, question, my friends, question.

My words alone stir something in you because it’s the truth. It vibrates that energy, that knowing in you. You start to look at things differently. Start to question every time you walk into a room and look down. Question why you get shy, timid. Question why your house isn’t as big as you want it to be. At least in imagination. Use every trick – pretend if you like- do whatever you have to do to touch the energies, to give yourself permission to do little things and connect with the energy. Reach for the stars. Let the energy come in. Let yourself think about, feel about the parts of a bigger house – and say ‘I am reaching for a larger home. I am getting a little closer and closer.’ Then, my friends, your energy is completely different. Your energy is then on a track of magnetism. You are a better match to what you desire and you are attracting it.

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