What Is the Most Important Spiritual Question You Can Ask

2014-04-20 Appreciate Yourself, Yield to Yourself


The World is Upside-down Lately (photo by Ryan Miller)

The World is Upside-down Lately

Self love makes people attractive. It can be a false self love. It can be arrogance. It can be ego. But it is what makes someone attractive.

What is the most spiritual question you can ever ask? It is, ‘Am I willing to be myself, to yield to who I am, no matter what, so that the universe will yield to me?’

This is one of the deepest secrets there is to unlock the universe. ‘Am I willing to love myself and yield to myself.’

However, the illusion in which you live in is set up to convince you to be anything but yourself. This illusion is set up very well. Do you like yourself? Do you love yourself? Truly? Not as much as you could. Your system is set up to help you be who you are not, so that you can return to who you are authentically.

You can unlock everything you wish to be, experience and do in this system by yielding to yourself. You don’t need to figure things out. All you have to do is be who you are. Yield to yourself and receive everything that you are. Then it will all be handed to you on a silver platter.

Yours is a system, so beautifully designed, that you walk away with the prize of being just like the creator. All you have to do is enjoy and be You. All you have to do is allow it. If you let yourself be you, not be indulgent validating your anger and frustration, but to be you the Cosmic Being that you are, you would have to do nothing. You wouldn’t need to try. You wouldn’t need to work hard. You would have all unfold before you.

If you are intentful in being the you that you are ‘above the line,’ things begin to bend over backwards for you. They begin to yield for you.

Each morning wake up and use your intent to connect with your self by adoring yourself, liking yourself, appreciating yourself, and loving yourself.

Appreciation means that something rises in value. When you appreciate yourself your self-value can’t help but to appreciate. Appreciate yourself. Don’t appreciate what you are not. Appreciate yourself who you are, who you are ‘above the line.’ Do this and watch it all change for the better.

Appreciate yourself before you go to be. As you do so it will dispel what has built up during the day. It will help you flow. Then appreciate yourself in the morning. Then watch as things in your world start to take off and grow in accordance to your dreams.



Photo Credit Ryan Miller – https://500px.com/photo/128907839/the-world-is-upside-down-lately-by-ryan-millier

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