How to Tap Into the Cosmic Power that is You – Podcast #4

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In this week’s podcast listen as Zazoo speaks with Kristopher about the most important thing that most people miss when bringing their desires into form.

You are a great cosmic being that has the power to have whatever you desire. You cannot base your choice on the money on your pocket because that can change and it has nothing to do with you, in the sense that it comes and it goes as it is meant to. You do not come and go.

The question is not, ‘is there enough money in the bank?’, because when you are fixated externally you are focused on the wrong thing. Never rely on something external to serve you, instead always be intentional and rely on yourself, and your magnetism and what makes you a great creator.

Do you think a great cosmic power is limited to paper?

A great cosmic being relies on the universe inside of themselves in its own greatness. It doesn’t even need to believe in itself because it knows that it can have whatever desires show up.

Don’t stop focusing on yourself. Your universe is in you, your magnetic core. Focus on yourself. Warm yourself with your own energy just like warming yourself with a warm smile.

Warm yourself with your desire. Give yourself a warm thought about your desire.

Put yourself in an intentional place of experiencing all the wonderful things that you are with money.

Be with the wonderful things you will buy with your money.

That is magnetism.

When you are pleased with what you will experience with the things you will get with your money, you will magnetize it to you.” Zazoo

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