The Proper Use of Life’s Mirrors

Photograph by Cami Leal

Photograph by Cami Leal

Life is mirrors. One of the challenges is that you must be able to look through the mirrors. It is a challenge because you still believe the mirrors. You must look deeper than the mirrors.

When you have intent, your mirrors are your friends. When you don’t have intent, the mirrors are like masquerades and will fool you.

One way to have x-ray vision through the mirrors is through imagining and dreaming. They are so powerful because they tap you into something larger than yourself. They tap you into your intent.

When you imagine and have intent, the mirrors work for you. They work for you as they reflect you the way you want them to reflect you.

You must be careful not to get lost in the reflection. If you like the reflection you can get lost in it and lose self. When you see yourself clearly, you aren’t focused on the mirror, you are instead focusing past the mirror to who you truly are.

A perfect metaphor – when you are driving a car, you don’t focus on the mirrors because if you do you will have an accident. If you are instead focused on yourself and where you are going, you drive perfectly. Then you use the mirrors to assist you on the route to where you are going.

The mirrors show you what you need to see. But your primary focus must be on self and where you are going. That is the proper use of mirrors.

Live your life the way you drive.

If you have a lot of work to do, don’t focus so much on the work. Because that is the mirror. By all means do the work you need to do, but don’t believe it. If you see a car in the other lane, you don’t focus just on the other Lane and go into it. You note where the car is and continue to focus on where you are going. As you do your work, focus on Self, or where it is you are going.

You must realize that the mirrors as the laws of form are indicators. When they are reflecting back to things that you prefer, that is wonderful. But, you must understand the mirrors for what they are. They are just indicators.

A woman looks in her closet. She notes how she feels and picks the perfect outfit that matches how she feels and that makes her feel even better.

Then she reaches for her makeup. She looks in the mirror and puts it on. Then she goes over to her jewelry. She sees what will match and adorn her. Then she looks in the mirror and walks out.

The wise woman walks out feeling a sense of dominion, feeling on top of things. She has used these activities, these adornments to put her in the flow. That is the proper use of mirrors.

Now when she walks out and meets people and knows how she appears, and knows how she feels under that appearance, she owns herself. She is more confident as she goes about her day.

But note that she is no longer looking in the mirror. She is going about life taking care of business and doing what she wants to do. If she happens to walk by a mirror she may look into it. But, where is her focus? It is on herself and where she is going. She has used her mirrors appropriately. She is not focusing on the mirrors all day. If she was, she would be focusing on all the petty things that people do and react to it. She would get lost in things that have little to do with where she is going.

Sometimes it is possible the mirrors keep popping up and they are telling her something. There is a reason the mirrors repeat themselves that way. It is to get your attention. Still most of your attention should be on yourself and where you are going. You are focused on your Self and who you are becoming, which is synonymous to where you are going.

If the mirror keeps showing her something she needs to correct, it is going to bite her. She needs to look at it and make a correction. Then she should go right back to herself and where she is going.

Otherwise, those mirrors are indicators and that is all they are meant to be.

When you are focused on yourself or where you are going, who you are becoming, and keeps focusing on who you are becoming it switches you to some sense of your Source. In this state you have a deeper sense of things. It is like intuition. I call it Royal Wisdom.

That will get you to a place that is a place that for most people is like an oasis in the desert. I say, however, that is ground zero. It is when you are finally being Who you are. You are finally acknowledging your Self. When you finally acknowledge I am more than my thoughts, body, etc., feelings, I am all of these things, my wholeness, and add that to Who you are, then you are really You. Really capable of Intent.

As you get deeper into Intent, it is like a coat that you wear every time you are out in the cold. Once you really tap into Intent you will find that it is a different aspect of Who you are. It is a state of being, more whole, more connected. You look at where you are going. You tap into Royal Wisdom.

The Royal Wisdom tells you what route you should really take. And then, you always seem to dodge traffic. You are always on top of it all. Except you cannot really be on top of it all, because that would mean you would be under it all. And when you have this kind of Intent, when you are tapped into this sort of Royal Wisdom, there is no such thing as being under it or on top of it, there is only being all three points – Who you are, where you are going(or who you are becoming), and having that royal wisdom.

You are then at ground zero. From there you live a different life. It is like a child that has finally learned that it can walk and talk and think and decide where it wants to go. At that point, life is a whole different experience.

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