Episode #9 – State Who Your Are and the Universe Will Honor It

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Celebrate. When you are intentional, you celebrate, not have a party.

When you do so, law of attraction then sees you celebrating and brings you more cause to celebrate.

Today’s question:

How big a part do our subconscious beliefs play in our realities and how can we change a belief that isn’t advantageous?

You are what you say you are. Unresolved thoughts, you have unresolved or static energy. This happens in your experiential life system so that law of attraction will bring that back to you so that you can be aware of it. Let’s say you have a desire for a relationship but the subconscious holds a belief that you will be hurt. It is unresolved within you. You are not being intentional because a part of you is behaving differently than you’d like.

One thing you can do is to become more intentional. You can blueprint, think, feel and say that you are a lover, that you are meant to be in relationship. You say things like this and you become more intentional, you can build your way up, but as you are saying, thinking and feeling such things, you become more intentional, you activate the energy more.

That which you say you are, the universe honors. Law of attraction then brings experiences that then match your energy.

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