Episode #7 You are a Great Cosmic Being

In this episode: Why this life, or Experiential Life System as Zazoo calls it, is a perfect system for you.

In this episode, Zazoo answers the following question:
“Hi Kris and Kalyn, I have a question for Zazoo ….
It seems most people (not all, but most) are making the majority of their wealth peddling poison — from toxic products, processed foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics …the list includes just about everything we, in the modern world eat, sniff, drink, wear, sit on, live in, or pop …. or from the raping, pillaging and polluting of the earth via the large corporations when they manufacture this junk. Not only is this bad for everyone and everything, but it SHOULD be racking up some nasty karma for the ones doing it. My question is what kind of replacement work would you recommend for these people that would bring them adequate wealth and prosperity?”

If you’ve heard Zazoo, he always speaks about your intent.

“Where you focus and that who you are is, in fact, exactly what law of attraction is using to attract your life.” Zazoo says and then continues, “If you think your life should be filled with great things, then are you honoring the greatness in yourself?”

“If you are seeing what is wrong in life, then you are putting forward an intent of ‘what is wrong’. Your focus and your energy are then ‘wrongness’; you become an agent of wrongness and law of attraction bring you more ‘wrong’ things.

Your perfect system is one in which there is something for everyone. There are people who match those who are putting polluting or doing other disagreeable things – so there is something for everyone’s energy.

Look in your heart. Here there are pure energies, pure intents. When you bring this out and live this way, that changes everything. It changes how you see yourself, others and your world. When you are seeing through yourself and what yourself really is, then you are seeing more clearly. You see the world more clearly.

Realize that your life is in service to you.

When you look at you, the great cosmic being that you are, you are no longer confined. You open to unlimited everything: power, manifestation, creativity…

Then you being to understand that your experience is the important one. You need to focus on yourself and enjoy your life.

Life is like an amusement park. If you have a purpose, it is to have fun.

You get to the park and you are meant to find the rides that you want to go on. You choose whether you like the fast rides or the slow ones – then you come out of the park thinking that the park has so many fast or slow rides. It shapes how you see the park and what you think is there.

Go to the park and have the funnest day you can.

Are you going to experience the fun things that you prefer and that you know you are? Or are you going to focus on things you do not agree with?

“When you honor yourself, law of attraction has a lot more to work with” because you are giving more of who you are, your own energy.”

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