Episode # 6 – Having It All – Taking The Law of Attraction to the Next Level

Having it all. Taking The Law of Attraction to the Next Level
The Science of Intentional Creation by Zazoo.

Welcome to the Science of Intentional Creation Series with Zazoo. My name is Kristopher Raphael. My partner Kalyn has been bringing through guidance from non-physical friends for over 14 years. One evening about a year ago her demeanor suddenly changed and speaking in a powerful voice she said, ‘What would you do if you were given the secret keys to unlock the Universe?’. As the conversation unfolded, I soon realized I was speaking with an incredibly intelligent and intentful being we began calling Zazoo.

One day I asked Zazoo if he would be willing to sharnfe his universal wisdom with a larger audience. In his humorous, yet always intentful manner he agreed. And here we are.


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