About K2 and Zazoo

Kristopher and KalynKalyn and Kristopher have been taking people on retreats to sacred sites around the world, giving workshops and classes for over 15 years. Kalyn has been channeling The Oracle almost as long. In the last year, Zazoo has come forward.

Zazoo is a wise being not from earth. Zazoo enjoys sharing his wisdom and his intent, always helping people see the strength in who they are and understanding that we are all here experiencing life all of the time. Zazoo says that we are meant to choose our experiences and that we thus can experience what we prefer whether it means having, being or doing. He says it’s all an experience.

zazoologo-155Kristopher recently invited Zazoo to share his unique points of view and his wisdom with others which has brought about classes and a new podcast show. Join a class and subscribe to the podcast or (soon) get yourself The Science of Intentional Creating 3-part series to have Zazoo befriend you and help you experience all that you prefer.